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Drawing-dance Improvisation

As part of Truth in Gesture exhibition 2023, with dancer-choreographer Inma Pavon, I shared my collaborative working practice with live drawing-dance performances.

Latest Painting Dance Improvisation

GOMA 2024

As part of the CONVERGENCE exhibition in GOMA Waterford, I was joined by dynamic Japanese Butoh dancer Haru to offer a sharing of our experiential practice to the public in February, Saturday 17th. Afterwards I spoke about this new series of work which is based on my collaboration with Haru's Butoh practice and my own painting evolution.

Haru (whose name means Spring) is trained in Butoh contemporary dance, a form of organic improvised movement which originated in Japan in the 1950's. She has performed and studied contemporary dance under Naoko Ito in Tokyo and has trained in improvisation under Adam Benjamin. She is a member of Duex Shrine, a Japanese Butoh group.

My mentor often gives me advice like this when I dance Butoh  “Always to be avant-garde and always dance with an attitude of questioning common sense”, I continue to search for my Butoh while trying to dance with this kind of awareness.  – Haru

Haru during a studio painting session

Haru during a painting session 2024

Live Painting Sharing

Live sharing with Inma Pavon 2023

Creating work forTruth in Gesture Exhibition 2023
with dancer-choreographer Inma Pavon

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