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GOMA Convergence Exhibition 2024
February 8 - March 3

Live painting of Butoh dance artist Haru was on February 17.

Clips from the performance will be available here in the coming days.


Convergence 2024
Caroline Bowles - Maia de Faveri

Movement painter Caroline Bowles is exhibiting a new series of works in GOMA Waterford from February 8th - March 3rd. As part of this exhibition she was joined by dynamic Japanese Butoh dancer Haru to offer a sharing of their experiential practice to the public on Saturday 17th at 13.00 in GOMA. Caroline spoke about these new paintings, which are based on her collaboration with Haru and her own painting evolution. 

“As a painter, I create spaces for the figure to emerge out of the white canvas in a free flowing, unimpeded stream. This series of paintings speaks about the beauty and fragility of the human frame which arise like mountain and valley scapes, rhythmic, fragile and at times, humorous”.

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